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Online reputation

A brand's online reputation is what people think about it, and as you can imagine, it is vital to manage and control it.

We manage your online image

At dahseo, we are experts in managing your online reputation. We analyze and monitor the content and information that is linked to your person, brand, or product on the Internet.

Our team of online reputation management experts has years of experience and has successfully completed dozens of campaigns. Our strategy is based on 4 steps:





Let's talk about online reputation

Let's talk about online reputation

Online reputation management (ORM) is the management of the content that is linked to your person, brand, or product on the internet.

It is the way the public understands your brand and the feelings associated with it.

The importance of it

Search engines (such as Google) are usually in charge of clasifying the information that exists on the internet and are the main source of consultation about your name, brand, or product. At this very moment, they could be consulting your reputation:


What content is linking with you? What content is linking to your brand? What content is linking to your product?


We tailor our online reputation management service to the needs and demands of each client, always maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.


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